• Lacrosse

TAAF Winter Games of Texas Lacrosse

January 18-19, 2020

Pearland Youth Lacrosse

THSLL Rules/Specific Tournament Rules

High School Boys'
A (Varsity Teams)
B (JV Teams)


Round Robin Tournament. Pool games on Saturday, possibly Sunday. Bracket games on Sunday, single elimination. 4 game minimum guarantee. 
Tournament Rules:
Each team’s head coach is required to check-in at the registration table located near the concession stand at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the team’s first game to turn in waivers, provide a team roster and to certify that all players have a completed waiver. A player will not be able to play without a waiver. 
Tents may be set-up to the west of Field 1 or on the baseball field that is to the south of the playing fields. No tent stakes are allowed on the baseball field.
Games blocked for 50 minutes. Each game will consist of two 23-minute running halves with a 2- minute half time. We will use centralized timing. Please be at the field and ready to go at your scheduled game time. 
Team Time Outs. No time outs during pool games. During bracket play on Sunday, teams may take one 30-second time out per half. The game clock will continue to run during Team time-outs and official time-outs. No time-outs will be permitted during the last 5 minutes of any game. 
All substitutions are to be made on the fly. 
Every player must wear full equipment including mouth pieces. 
All penalties will be regular time. Penalty time will stop on timeouts (coaches’ or officials’). Penalty time starts upon resumption of play. Normal release rules apply upon opposing team scoring of a goal. If a player is serving a penalty and they are released for time, the player may not enter the field during a play stoppage, but must wait to enter upon the official resuming play. If release upon completion of time served before or during a faceoff, the player may not enter the field of play until possession is signaled. 
There will be no overtime games except the semi-finals and finals. Games may end in a tie. 
Championship seeding will be determined as follows: 
1) Overall record (win/loss percentage); 
2) Point system – 3 points/win; 1 point/tie; 0 points for a loss;
3) Head to head competition;
4) Point differential;
5) Goals allowed; and 
6) Coin toss.
All spectators must be located on the opposite side of the field from the team area and scorer’s table. There will be no spectators allowed on the bench side of the field. This rule will be strictly enforced. One warning will be given. If the spectator refuses to move to the opposite side of the field a goal will be awarded to the non-offending team. Please inform your parents of this rule. 
PYLAX is providing game balls. Please ensure that your players and/or spectators don’t remove game balls from the field. Team may not use game balls for warm-ups. 
PYLAX will provide personnel to manage the scorer’s table. 
Each team is responsible to pick-up trash in their bench area. 
After the game and team handshakes, please immediately depart the bench area so the tournament stays on schedule. Hold after game team discussions away from the field area. 
Fighting of any kind will result in immediate ejection from the game. All players and/or coaches involved any anyone who leaves the sidelines will be subject to ejection from the game and ejection from the Tournament depending upon the severity of the infraction. Ejection from a game results in automatic suspension from the next game for players and coaches. A second ejection from a game will result in absolute expulsion from the tournament. The tournament director, in consultation with the chief tournament official, may choose to eject the player/coach from the tournament on the first offense. All rulings of the tournament director are final. 
An ejection of a coach also results in the team being assessed a 2-minute non-releasable penalty. 
We expect exemplary sportsmanship from all tournament participants, including parents. Sideline behavior from coaches and parents is expected to remain positive. The tournament director reserves the right to eject anyone from the tournament premises. Any parent/fan ejected by an on-field official or the tournament director must immediately leave the area of the field. 
Unless otherwise stated, the tournament will follow THSLL Rules. 

Concessions on-site. 

December 20, 2019
Rosters due by January 18, 2020

$750 first team from club; $600 each additional team


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Questions/Comments/Issues Contact:
Chad Points cdp@denenapoints.com or 713-560-1630
Coach Mike Staub coachmgstaub@gmail.com or 281-650-3742

Hickory Slough Sportsplex
7600 Hughes Ranch Rd, Pearland, TX 77584

Free admission

On-site concessions, restrooms, free admission and free parking. 

West-end of parking lot near lacrosse fields

Spectators bring chairs because there is no permanent seating. Spectators must remain on opposite side of players' sidelines per USLax, THSLL and tournament rules. Violations will result in a change of possession penalty for first violation and then 1 minute unreleasable penalty for each subsequent violation. 

Questions/Comments/Issues Contact:
Chad Points cdp@denenapoints.com or 713-560-1630
Coach Mike Staub coachmgstaub@gmail.com or 281-650-3742

Genine Burchell gmburchell@yahoo.com
Stephanie Jackson stephajack@gmail.com

Concessions, end-line ball duty and score table.